Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I had my 2nd and final sonogram. We were really excited to get to see the baby again, but sad that this is the last time until it arrives. I had an issue a few weeks ago that led the doctor to believe that I might have a low-lying placenta. She said that this would be diagnosed with the sonogram. Well, everything turned out to be perfect! We aren't going to find out the sex of the baby and that was really hard for me today. I was hoping that we would accidentally see, but we didn't. I actually begged Scott to change his mind because I wanted to know. Obviously he didn't give in because we still don't know. I would post some pictures that we got today, but there aren't any good ones. The baby was face down and wouldn't move, so we got a picture of a foot, a thumb, and the spine. We unfortunately didn't get to see it's face :( Scott still says it's a "woman" because it wasn't COOPERATING with letting us get any good shots of it. He thinks he's so funny.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Halfway there!

I'm a little over 20 weeks pregnant now! It is going by so fast. I'm feeling good these days and as you can see starting to get a big belly. I can feel the baby kicking all throughout the day now and Scott can even feel it sometimes. We are getting more excited about meeting the baby everyday!

Big boy undies!!!

We decided to try to get Grady potty trained in preparation for the new baby. He didn't quite catch on as fast as I thought he was going to but he did love his big boy underwear! It took a good week for him to really grasp the concept. He has it figured out for the most part now, but he still has a few accidents here and there. We heard using a cheerio in the toilet as a sort of target was a good trick. We were out of cheerios but we had plenty of goldfish crackers. Now he loves to go pee-pee on the goldfish and make it swim away. I think the goldfish turned out to be the trick. I'm glad he caught on when he did because I was about to go crazy. I think a dog might be easier to potty train than a least you can put a dog outside for awhile.

Mommy's cooking assistant

The day of the Superbowl Grady and I spent it in the kitchen making snacks. He helped me make the brownies and cheese dip. He licked the brownie bowl clean and then was ready to follow it up with some cheese dip. He had a blast, but was a mess afterwords. He went straight from the counter to the bath! He didn't get to watch the game with us though. The game didn't start until about 10:30 or 11:00 our time. It was a long night, but a good game.

Cowboys Fan

Scott had to go to Atlanta for a conference back in January. He had a good time in the states and I think he ate himself sick. I talked to him the first day about 1:00 and he had already eaten McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and Chick-fil-a! The whole week he was there was pretty much based around food. He did however take a break from eating long enough to pick us up some presents. He got Grady a Cowboys jersey. This was of course right before the play-off game. Grady actually liked what Scott had gotten him and when game day came he was dressed and ready. Unfortunately, we didn't get the outcome that we were hoping for. He did look cute though!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Grady's first wedding appearance!

Blair's wedding
While we were back home in December Scott's cousin ,Blair, got married and Grady and his twin cousins, Addison and Ainsley, got to be in the wedding. They all did a lot better than I thought that they would. They made it all the way down the isle without screaming or crying! All three of them looked so cute in their fancy little outfits! It was a beautiful wedding and Blair looked gorgeous! I was so happy that Grady and I were able to be there, but sad that Scott couldn't. Scott was upset knowing that he was missing out on seeing all of his family and Grady's big debut. We all tried to take plenty of pictures and video for him. The wedding did have a special surprise guest though...Elvis! When I found out that Elvis was there I couldn't believe that this was the one wedding that Scott was missing. I think Grady jammed to Elvis enough for everyone else and Scott. If Scott would've been there it would have been a dance off between him and his son. We really had a good time and wish Blair and Marshall the best! Congrats guys!!