Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Belly!

I'm more than 30 weeks now! Time is flying and I feel like April never happened. Both the baby and I are doing great and I am (for sure) coming back to Texas to have the baby. We were at first going to have the baby in England, but after much thought we decided that going back home would be best for Grady. I have already found a doctor and have my first appointment scheduled. Grady and I will be coming home at the end of May which is only about 4 weeks away! I'm super excited to be coming back home 1) to see everybody, but 2) because that means that I am so close to finding out what this baby is!!! Will it be a boy OR will it be a girl??? I DON'T KNOW!!!! Actually looking forward to labor...so weird!

Finally SOME pretty weather!

It has been raining so much and has been really windy this winter! According to the locals, this is the worst winter that they have had in about 8-10 years...yeah, we are really lucky I guess. Anyways, we are finally starting to have some nice days here and there. Grady has been asking (a lot) if we can go see the big water, so we went over to Porto Martines to play and eat dinner one night. It was extremely nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings again.

Too cool for school

Grady found these glasses in some baby boxes that I was going through the other day and he thinks they're so cool. He also loves to have a koozie on his sippy cup these days. Like I said "Too cool for school!"