Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It keeps growing and growing....

I'm almost 26 weeks now!! I'm feeling good most of the time, but I'm still having my sick days every couple of weeks. Some days I feel giant pregnant and can't imagine being like this for 14 more weeks and other days I forget that I'm pregnant until the belly gets in the way. Grady is so cute! He loves to kiss the baby and tells the baby that he loves it all the time! He told me to sit down so he could kiss the baby.

Daddy's boy


The other day Scott was spraying off the porch and after a little while worms started attacking the driveway. It was Grady's first encounter with worms and he thought they were just as gross as I did. Well Scott made him hold some and he quickly got over his fears. Ewwww!

Happy Birthday to...well, nobody!

Grady has been obsessed with birthday cake ever since his little friend, Chloe's birthday party. He regularly will ask for birthday cake, so Scott promised him that he would get him a cake. So we went to the grocery store and this is the cake that Grady picked. Scott's excuse for being such a sucker is that 'well the boy is right...why does it have to be someone's birthday in order to have birthday cake?' Grady was so excited and I think Scott was just as excited about it. Happy Birthday...nobody!

First trip to the Emergency Room :(

About 1 1/2 weeks ago we had to make our first trip to the emergency room. I was about to get Grady out of the bath when he slipped and busted his eyebrow wide open. He only cried for about 5 minutes until he saw his own blood on my shoulder and thought that I had a boo-boo. At that point he was more concerned about me than himself. We jumped in the car to head over to the only hospital on the island. It is nothing like what we have in America. It is an older building with no air, so all the windows are open and it isn't anywhere near as clean as our hospitals. So, I'm feeling pretty bad at this point that I am the cause for us being there. Everything went surprisingly smooth though. We met a liaison and she took care of everything. We were in and out in about 45 minutes. Grady was such a big boy! We laid him down on the table for the doctor and nurses to clean it up and he just put his hands behind his head and crossed his feet. They were opening it up and cleaning it out and he never flinched. Thank goodness they don't use stitches that much anymore, so he had to get it glued back together. When they got through he set up and said 'thank you' sweet! Here is a picture of my baby's perfect little face the day before and then some after pictures. Right when we got home from the hospital. Judo chop!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babies, More Babies, and Weddings!!

While I was back home I got see all of my besties! We had a great time and lots of laughs like always. All of our lives just keep getting better and better. I got to see Brook and Karlie (or little Mikey as I like to say), a 'due any day Sarah', and a newly engaged Stephanie! I was so excited because I thought that I was going to see a pregnant Sarah and then an unpregnant Sarah and Miss Lainey. Well, Lainey was being stubborn and I unfortunately had to fly back home a few days before she decided to arrive. She is gorgeous and has a full head of dark hair! Karlie looks exactly like her daddy!! I don't know if any baby has looked more like one of their parents than she does. She is an absolute doll and a perfect little baby! Stephanie is planning her wedding and has a beautiful ring! It was so much fun getting together with all of them and I miss them so much. Giving Lainey a pep talk! Past my due date and yes...I'm still pregnant! Hi, my name is Karlie, but you can call me little Mikey!

Good times back in Texas

Scott had to do some training in San Antonio for couple of weeks, so Grady and I decided to go back home as well. It was great to see everyone, but like always it was a busy trip. We spent part of our time in San Antonio with Scott and the other part in Princeton. I think Scott really needed this trip because he got to see some familiar faces. Scott's whole family including his Uncle Terry and Mawmaw came down to spend the weekend with him. I think they were just as excited to see him as well. Mawmaw who is 82 years old actually flew down!! We enjoyed the River Walk, saw the biggest pizza I have ever seen before (Big Lou's - 42 inch pizza!), saw some friends (The Hursts), and just enjoyed the conveniences of America. Back in Princeton, Grady and I just hung out with the family. He got lots of play time with his cousins! They are all so cute and get along so well. The whole trip didn't go without its inconveniences though. A few days after we got home Grady got an ear infection, I got sick down in San Antonio and was hotel bound for a couple of days, and we got into not only one, but two fender benders in our car! So needless to say, we had a great time, but it was nice to get back to our home.