Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween was a hit in our house this year. We started it off earlier in the week at a Halloween party for Grady's playgroup. I had asked my mom a few weeks ago if she could send Grady a costume. This was a lot faster and easier for me rather than trying to find a store that would ship it over here. Well leave it up to Nanny to send him 3 different costumes...Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, and Nemo. Anyways, so for the playgroup party he was Buzz Lightyear. He wasn't sure why he was dressed up like that until he saw the other kids dressed up too. He ate way too much candy and had a lot of fun. A few days later we had the Fall Festival on base and Grady went as Nemo. They had lots of games, food, dancers, and a costume contest. I'm proud to announce that Grady was one of the finalists of about 30 or so kids. Sadly he didn't win though :( Finally the next day was Halloween. We went trick or treating in our neighbor and there were tons of kids out. Grady had a blast and was so cute walking up to the houses with his little Nemo fin bouncing. As much fun as he had trick or treating, I think he had more fun when we got back to the house to hand out candy to other kids. He would answer the door (still dressed as Nemo) and yell 'HI' to all the kids and then yell 'BYE' about a thousand times as they were leaving. He loved his costume so much that it didn't come off until he had to get in the bath. And now we just put it on during the day to be cool. Thanks mom, he really, really loves the Nemo outfit! Look how excited he was to see all the other little kids when we walked out of the house! So funny.