Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Belly Pics

We had pictures taken after we got back from our vacation. It was really windy the day we took them, but we didn't have that many options. I thought I was going to be leaving that upcoming weekend (couldn't get on a flight) and every other day of the week was calling for rain. We were pleased with how they came out though.
Belly/Family Pics

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hillbillies do Paris!!

We had the best time ever in Paris! We got to spend one fabulous yet exhausting week there. Grady did great for as much stuff as we did. We've got the travel bug now and are already trying to decide where to go next.
Paris baby!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pukin' in Paris!

One thing that I was really looking forward to in Paris was taking an Illumination Bus Tour. Just as it sounds, it is a tour of the city at night on one of those double decker buses. I've heard that Paris is amazingly beautiful all lit up at night. So we spent the whole evening before finding the place to make reservations for the tour. It didn't start until 10pm and was going to be about 90 minutes long, so we prepared that day by making sure that Grady had a good nap. Well, we got going and about 15 minutes into the tour Grady throws up everywhere and a whole lot of it. Of course people scatter, they stop the bus for us to attempt to "clean" it up, and then say in a sweet french accent, "You get off bus now, oui(wee)?". We get off and Grady is pantless, shoeless, and has Scott's jacket wrapped around him. It's about fifty degrees, Scott and I only have t-shirts on, and I'm covered in puke from my pants to my socks and shoes. As the bus from our recently began tour burns off leaving us in a dust cloud of European diesel exhaust, and as we take our first look around to see where in the crap we are, my son laughs and yells "Paris baby!". So needless to say he felt a lot better. Scott and I could do nothing but laugh as we thought about those poor suckers on that bus that had to spend another hour and fifteen minutes smelling some American kid's puked up Happy Meal (good measure of how trashy we are for going all the way to Paris for Mcdonalds). We finished cleaning ourselves up on the side of the street and headed for the subway to get home. All in all, a good night with good memories. I guess Scott will have to take me back so I can get my Illumination Tour!

We saw the Pope!

On our way back home, we had a couple of days of canceled flights in Lisbon due to the ash cloud. We were aware that the Pope was in town, but didn't know exactly where he would be. Anyways, we had just woken up from a much needed afternoon nap and Scott turned on the TV. There was lots of news coverage about the Pope and he was about to get in his Pope-mobile. Then it showed a shot of the street he was going to be going down. Scott looked at me and said, "Hey, I think that is our bus stop!" which was only a block away from our hotel. So we put our shoes on, ran down the street, and sure enough the streets were lined with people waiting on the Pope to drive by. Within two minutes of being there here he came in his little glass car. Pretty cool that we got to see him! We can now check that off of our list of things to do (not that it was really ever on it).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris baby!

Here is just a glimpse of our trip. We have tons of pictures to go through and it is going to take me forever. We had a blast! I'll try to get more up soon.