Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grady's 3!!!!

I can't believe it...Grady is three! It seems like he has always been in our lives. He is one of the funniest, smartest, sweetest, most loving little boys that I've ever seen, and he is by far the most talkative kid ever! He is a big entertainer which he get from his Papa. He makes us laugh daily, yet at the same time makes us crazy daily. He is an awesome big brother! He loves to take care of Greenlee and tells me that she is his baby. We are so blessed to have him in our lives and he is(as well as his sister) one of the best decision that Scott and I have ever made. We had no idea how empty our lives were without this little guy. **************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Anyways...we had a bounce house birthday party for him. He loves bounce houses, so it was a hit. He bounced for about two hours straight only taking a break to blow out his candles and to eat the icing off his piece of cake. He had a good time and we were all ready for bed that night. About to open presents from everyone back home. Ready to get this show on the road. I think Grady has a little crush on Amber. Just realizing that he has more presents to open now that the bounce houses are gone and the party is over.

Jumped herself to sleep

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Grady is obsessed with his Texas Ranger hat. He even wants to wear it to bed and this is how he usually ends up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm back to blogging!

Okay, I'm really far behind on blogging, so I think what I'm gonna do is just post a bunch of pictures over the past several months. Not much has been going on with us, just our normal day to day type stuff. Everyone is happy and healthy, and amen to the happy part! Greenlee went through a phase for about a month of being unhappy ALL the time. I was about to lose my marbles when she started getting better. I think she knew that mommy was about to go crazy. Grady is an awesome big brother. He loves her so much and always wants her around. He can be a little rough with her, but not really in a bad way. He is always kissing and hugging on her and is surprisingly patient with her. Greenlee is 5 months old now and is in the 94% for weight, is rolling over, grabbing for things, laughing and smiling, 'talking', and has her first tooth coming in on the bottom. Grady has informed me (in a very excited way) that Greenlee can speak spanish and has made the observation that she does not have a 'weenie' and likes to discuss it. He can be extremely funny at times and he knows it. I'm pretty sure he gets his showmanship from his Papa. We get at least one good laugh a day from that kid. Greenlee loves her brother and is a major daddy's girl. If Grady can't make her happy, her Daddy certainly can. She can just see him or hear his voice and she is all smiles. It is so cute! Scott has the magic touch with her. She falls right to sleep when she gets all snuggled up with him. I'm convinced that he is the best daddy in the world! Overall, we are doing wonderful (wonderfully tired most of the time though) and are so thankful for our happy and healthy kiddos. Now I'll recap the past 5 months with a ton of pictures.